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WorldPop is a research and data production program, focused on spatial demography, being part of the School of Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton.

Primarily targeting low and middle income countries, WorldPop develops geospatial methods for integrating census, survey, satellite and other spatial datasets to improve the demographic evidence base. All methods and datasets undergo academic peer review and are published openly. WorldPop produces multi-temporal estimates of population counts, demographics and characteristics for each 100x100m grid square globally, and the datasets are regularly used by governments, UN agencies and many other organizations for planning interventions, measuring impacts and designing strategies.

The WorldPop School provides an exciting opportunity to learn about WorldPop’s  methods and datasets, and get hands-on training in using them.  Participants will experience a mixture of Geographic Information System (GIS)/GDAL/R based training, lectures, discussions and interactive activities to build their expertise in producing and using geospatial population data. Case study applications will demonstrate the value of gridded demographic data and how it can be processed and used to tackle a variety of health and development issues.

Registration process will open on September 17th, 2018
(places will be limited to 50 participants)
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